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Tertarik dengan dunia anak muda dan pengen ikutan kontribusi memberikan perubahan sosial terhadap anak muda dan generasi berikutnya? Punya passion untuk meng-empower anak-anak muda Indonesia melalui konteks pendidikan? Senang belajar hal-hal baru dan siap menjadi bagian dari sebuah internet startup yang cepat dan dinamis? Then read on…..

Youthmanual bukan tentang kami, tapi tentang kamu dan jutaan anak muda Indonesia lainnya yang akan menjadi tulang punggung bangsa kita untuk mengantar Indonesia ke fase transformasi berikutnya. We're a small group of scrappy kids (Kids? That's right! Our average age is 21!). The group is talented, tight-knit,super nimble, always curious but serious bunch who get things done and love to have fun while making impact along the way.  So here's our call ......

To the Bolds, the Challengers, the Go-Getters, buat kamu yang pengen berkontribusi terhadap hal-hal yang jauh lebih besar dari diri kamu dan siap membantu mendorong  perubahan sosial dengan memberdayakan anak muda dan generasi berikutnya, we want you!
#EmpoweringYouth #PoweringTomorrow

Available Positions: Full Time and Internship Position (3 Months)
These are no frills, professional development roles in intense startup working conditions. Straight up!
Updated: October 27, 2016

  • Digital Marketing & Partnership Associate  (Internship)
    Part of our growth marketing team, you'll be responsible in planning, executing marketing and external partnership initiative across different industry verticals. You should be a self-starter, results-driven individual with strong work ethic. This would be a hands-on digital marketing role, perfect for those of you who has legitimate interest in Digital, Marketing, PR, or Business Development and seek to improve your digital marketing & people skills.

  • Creative Writer (Full Time)
    We're looking for prolific creative writer(s) to join Youthmanual's elite team of writers working under the supervision of Youthmanual's Chief of Content. Ideally you should have experience in public writing for magazines, blogs, online medias, or simply campus’ newsletter. Familiar with the local youth and/or higher education scene and interested in empowering them. Strong interest in youth issues and instinctively understands what really matters and what’s interesting to youth. 
    You should be highly observant, thinks out of the box, opinionated, not afraid of hate-comments :)… yet polite and always be humble. You understand current Youth issues and pop culture. Typical successful candidates are well versed individuals, who loves to read a lot of different things—online magazines, print magazines, news portals, blogs, novels—of various themes on a regular basis.
    A strong network,  experience with photography/Photoshop with good sense of humor is a huge Bonus!

  • Data Analyst (Full Time)
    A key member of our team, you'll work with a team of data researchers, scientist and engineers to collect, process and perform statistical analysis of data to demistify, test and build the foundation of our "People Science ®" technology, a machine learning feature to understand and predict the future of College & Career Readiness. Your job is to analyze, make rapid prototypes, generate reports and perform quality assurance to ensure data integrity from a large set of structured data using SQL. You have a high curiousity on data and strong passion in human psychology and behavior.  You love challenges and believe in the impossible. Having a strong experiment, learn and ship attitude is a must! You're passionate in working with data/analytics, love doing deep research and be able to identify trends, correlations and patterns through analysing thousands of data points in a complex data sets. Working on things like factor analysis, propensity modeling, predictive analytics are terms that excites you. You are an Spreadsheet Wiz with strong understanding of relational Database and hands-on knowledge in SQL. Candidate should have a degree in Math, Statistics or Computer Science. MSc or advance graduate degree is a plus.

  • Back-End Software Developer (Full Time)
    Working under our technical lead, you will develop a College & Career Readiness Solutions for consumers (students) and institutional partners (B2B). You will deliver the php/backend technical delivery process to the highest standard. You have a broad knowledge of proposing, planning and executing web projects in a LAMP environment with a minimum 1 year proven track record for successful delivery of web projects. Skills :  HTML5, CSS, Javascript (Jquery), PHP (Laravel Framework), Node.js/Socket IO, MySQL and proficiency on other web technologies.

The ideal candidates are .....

  • Passionate in pushing social change and make Youth proud.
  • Ambitious, exceptional college students from leading universities with CAN-DO attitude
  • Self driven, independent, hard working ​and able to keep up with fast pace internet startup culture
  • Highly critical, opinionated who loves to push boundaries and excited in doing the impossible
  • Creative, fast learner and adept at meeting deadlines
  • Passion in digital/startup and fluent in the internet/digital world is a MUST!
  • Humble and has good communication skills
  • Unless stated on the job description above, Computer Science & Information Systems related major is a plus.

That sounds like you? See instructions below 

1.) Send introduction to, attach your updated CV along with the following:
2.) Register your profile, complete all the assessment, review all the features. Tell us what you think about our platform along with FEEDBACK and IMPROVEMENT ideas.
3.) WHY are you the right candidate for the position.
4.) HOW you can contribute and add value


Office based in Pejaten, Jakarta Selatan.

*Only shortlisted candidates will be notified*

Thank you so much for your interest and do spread the word. Looking forward to hear from you!

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